2021 Roundup WeatherPRO® Rebate Program

Save up to $1 per litre on qualifying purchases of Roundup WeatherPRO®.

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Roundup WeatherPRO® herbicide controls the toughest weeds, even under challenging conditions. With proven results and a 30-minute rainfast guarantee, Roundup WeatherPRO® is a reliable solution for vegetation managers looking to control annual and perennial weeds along with woody brush in non-crop areas.

Our 2021 Roundup WeatherPRO® Rebate Program makes effective vegetation control more affordable than ever.

The Details

ELIGIBLE PRODUCT: Bayer’s Roundup WeatherPRO® herbicide (2 x 10L or 800L)

PROMOTIONAL PERIOD: March 1, 2021 – October 22, 2021
To learn more about features and application rates, visit the Roundup WeatherPRO® product page.

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