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Product Overview

Dependable, broad-spectrum, long-term control of unwanted vegetation for conifer release, chemical site preparation and rights-of-way management.

Key Features

• 30 minute rainfast application guarantee

• Unique surfactant technology

• Quickly taken up by the leaves, stems and roots of undesirable vegetation

• Convenient 10L, 115L and 450L pack sizes

• Aerial or ground applications

• Low volatility, low vapour pressure, low odour; not apt to volatilize and move offsite as a vapour and damage non-target vegetation

• No residual activity; rapidly biodegrades into harmless natural components

• Controls competing vegetation in order to improve growth rate and survival of crop trees

• Compared to mechanical vegetation control, VisionMAX is more cost effective, offers better performance and increases worker safety

• Superior surfactant technology minimizes weather related risks and downtime

• Low use rates per hectare for reduced chemical load into the environment

• Increases seedling survival, growth, and thus shorter rotations

Application Rates

To control or suppress herbaceous weeds, woody brush and trees, apply 2.0 to 4.0 litres of this product per hectare using aerial, ground boom or boomless, or mist blower equipment; or apply as a 0.7 to 1.3% solution using hand-held high-volume equipment.


For control of perennial herbaceous weeds in site preparation applications using aerial, ground boom or boomless, or mist blower equipment; apply 4.6 to 7.9 litres of this product per hectare as directed in the recommended volume of clean water to the foliage of actively growing vegetation. Applications should be made under good growing conditions. Applications under cool temperatures may delay symptoms.

Best Practices

• Recommended water volumes for conifer release aerial applications: 40-100 litres per hectare

• Recommended water volume for ground site preparation: 100-300 litres per hectare

• For conifer release programs, ensure conifer dormancy

• Conifers should have been in the ground for at least one full year

• Target vegetation should be actively growing, helping to ensure enough herbicide enters the plant to control the root system

• Late in the season, pay close attention to the status of target vegetation as some species drop leaves early; some autumn color is acceptable if no major leaf fall has occurred

• Use higher water volumes for treating dense vegetation or to penetrate forest canopies

Use & Safety

When to use

May June July August September

Where to use


Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients glyphosate 540 grams acid equivalent per litre, present as potassium salt (49%)

// Mode of Action Amino Acid Synthesis Inhibitor

// Group   9

// Formulation    solution

// Packaging   10L, 115L, 450L

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