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Roundup WeatherPRO


Roundup WeatherPRO

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Product Overview

Roundup WeatherPRO® herbicide is a reliable solution for vegetation managers looking to control tough perennial weeds and woody brush under challenging conditions.

Key Features

• Active ingredient: glyphosate, 540 grams acid equivalent per litre, present as potassium salt
• Consistent, unsurpassed weed control — even in variable conditions
• 30-minute rainfast guarantee
• Proven vegetation management for railroad, pipeline, highway, power and telephone rights-of-way, petroleum tank
farms and pumping installations, roadsides, storage areas, lumberyards, fence rows, industrial plant sites, parking areas,
school yards, parks, golf courses and other public areas, airports, and similar industrial or non-crop areas
• Enhanced efficiency, with up to 33% less product handling than most competitors
• Convenient 10L, 800L pack sizes 

Application Rates

• Annual grasses and broadleaf weeds: 1.5 – 2.33 L/ha
• Perennial weeds: 1.67 – 4.67 L/ha
• Other perennials: 4.67 – 8 L/ha
• Brush and trees: 2 – 4 L/ha
• Roadside vegetation and residual control: See label for rates and tank mixes

Best Practices

Apply Roundup WeatherPRO at 1.5L – 8L per hectare, depending on the label rates for each species. Use the highest rate in areas with chronic infestations. When applied as recommended under the conditions described, this product will control weeds in non-cropland areas. 

Use & Safety

When to use

April May June July August September

Where to use


Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients    glyphosate 
// Mode of Action    amino acid synthesis inhibitor
// Group   9
// Formulation    solution
// Packaging   2 x 10L case, 800L tote

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