2019 Temprid SC Measure Up Program

For a limited time receive from Bayer a 2 pack of Measure Right syringes for every case of Temprid SC purchased.

Since its launch in 2017 Temprid SC has quickly become the go to GIC product in Canada

Whether it’s increasing profitability and customer satisfaction as a result of reduced call backs or simplifying your business operations through the use of a single broad spectrum, indoor/outdoor product, Temprid SC offers it all.

/ Fast-acting knockdown and greater residual control on outdoor perimeter pests including spiders, cluster flies, earwigs and ants. 
/ Dual mode of action from two active ingredients. 
/ Broad-spectrum insecticide (labeled for 15 pests) with built-in resistance management. 
/ Residual effectiveness against bedbugs that lasts up to 6 months.
/ Controls all life stages of bedbugs: EGGS, nymphs and adults. 
/ Proven to reduce customer call backs and increase customer satisfaction.


Video on the use of the Measure Right syringes.