Tempo 20 WP


Tempo 20 WP

Product Overview

Highly effective against a broad range of insect pests.

Key Features

Tempo 20 WP is an excellent choice for interior treatments because of its rapid knockdown, long residual and broad-spectrum activity. Tempo 20 WP can also be used in food-handling establishments.

Key Benefits

// Can be used in the Following Sites:

• Dwellings: apartments, houses, hotels, nursing homes
• Institutions: factories, laboratories, schools, stores warehouses
• Modes of Transport: buses, planes, rail cars, trucks
• Food and Feed Establishments: bakeries, restaurants, canneries, grain mills, meat processing plants
• Pet Kennels: livestock housing structures including poultry barns

// Pests Controlled

Crawling Pests:
Ants (except Pharaoh), Bedbugs, Carpet beetles, Cockroaches (American, German, Oriental), Crickets, Lesser Mealworm (adults & larvae), Earwigs, Firebrat, Sowbugs, Spiders.

Flying Pests:
Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps.

Pantry & Stored Product Pest Beetles (exposed adults & immature stages):
Confused flour beetles, warehouse beetles.

Indian meal (larvae only).

Wood Infesting Pests:
Carpenter ants.

Application Rates

• Mix one level scoop (9.5 g) of Tempo 20 WP per 3.75 L of water to make a .05% solution
• Under conditions of severe infestation mix two level scoops per 3.75 L of water to make a .1% solution
• Refer to product label for full instructions

Best Practices

Tempo 20 WP is intended for use as an indoor spot or crack and crevice application where labelled. Tempo 20 WP also is intended for use as a general surface spray for control of flying and crawling insects in livestock housing structures, including poultry houses. Tempo 20 WP is intended to be mixed with water and applied with hand pressurized or power operated sprayers.

Diluted spray mixture can be stored overnight and applied the following day, but the mixture should be agitated before spraying to prevent uneven distribution of product. Before leaving spray mixture unagitated for an extended period of time, release tank pressure and elevate nozzle and hose above tank outlet, activate trigger and drain all suspension from hose back into spray tank. Re-tighten spray tank lid and do not re-pressurize until starting to spray again.

Use & Safety

When to use

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Where to use

What to control

Cockroaches Wasps

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredient   cyfluthrin 20%
// Mode of Action   neurotoxin
// Group   3 insecticide
// Formulation   wettable powder
// Packaging   420 g jar

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