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Maxforce Impact

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Product Overview

Effective in controlling both traditional and bait-averse strains of German cockroaches.
It contains a novel active ingredient for baits, clothianidin, which quickly controls roaches while actively preventing resistance.

Key Features

// Efficacy

• New bait active ingredient with alternative mode of action
• Contains more complex carbohydrates; not reliant on simple sugars that select for aversion
• Proprietary feeding stimulant enclosed in controlled-release BlueBeads assures excellent bait acceptance
• Maintains efficacy and palatability up to 12 months
• Fast-acting within 24 hours (>50% mortality in 1 day, 90% in 3 days)
• Secondary control with Maxforce Domino Effect

// Sustainability

• Aids in resistance management
• No REI
• Is hypoallergenic, free of the big-8 allergens

// Usage

• Permitted for use in food and feed areas
• Approved for indoor and outdoor use
• Ease of application in difficult areas reduces applicator’s fatigue
• Compatible with industry-standard application equipment

// Physical Properties

• Improved physical properties – does not run or drip (good adhesion)
• Resists extreme temperature (heat and cold)
• Better adhesion to vertical services

Application Rates

Application rates for all cockroaches: Application rate is dependent on the level of infestation and species to be controlled. Apply gel as round spots or thin beads into cracks and crevices or as a spot treatment.

• For light-to-moderate infestations, use 0.75 to 1.5 grams of bait per 1.0 m2
• For severe-to-heavy infestations, use 1.5 to 3.0 grams of bait per 1.0 m2
• Reapply as required if monitoring indicates that pest population persists

Best Practices

• Inspect for harbourage sites
• Apply baits directly into or adjacent to roach harbourage
• Cracks and crevices
• Into infested voids
• Apply baits along “routes of travel” between harbourages and resources (food & water)
• Apply baits in areas where infested goods enter and are stored (i.e. produce, linens, paper goods)</p">
• Smaller, more frequent gel placements provide faster control than larger, less frequent placements

Use & Safety

When to use

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Where to use

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients   clothianidin 1%
// Group   4A
// Formulation   gel
// Packaging   case = 5 boxes x 4 x 30 g Tubes

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