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Specticle G


Specticle G

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Product Overview

Pre-emergent weed control in container-grown ornamentals, trees, and shrubs.

Key Features

• Low use rate
• Reduces labour costs with fewer applications and less cleanup 
• Indaziflam has a unique mode of action which inhibits root development during germination, making it ideal for rotation and resistance management
• Specticle G is long lasting and controls multiple tough weeds. Specticle G offers a high degree of plant safety on a wide range of ornamentals

Application Rates

• Apply Specticle G as an over-the-top application to container-grown plants at a rate of 336 kg/ha (3.36 kg/100 m2
• Following application irrigate with 6 mm of water within one hour to wash granules from the leaf surface and activate the product into the soil

Best Practices

• Specticle G can be applied to container-grown ornamentals, trees and shrubs with an established root system
• It is a ready-to-use granular pre-emergent herbicide that should be applied as a single over-the-top application
• Remove granules off of foliage
• Ornamentals should be established in the container for at least a week
• Do not allow granules applied “over-the-top” to remain in contact with foliage. Specticle G may cause localized injury to the foliage, especially young leaf tissue. If the granules should contact or adhere to the foliage, remove from affected foliage immediately
• Do not use Specticle G on ornamentals where granules may become trapped in developing leaves or in meristematic areas
• Plants should be 12.7 cm (5 inches) tall prior to applying Specticle G
• Apply Specticle G prior to weed seed germination to dormant or actively growing ornamentals
• Maximum herbicidal benefits can be seen with irrigation or rainfall
• Labelled for use on a wide range of grasses, monocots, and broadleaf weeds

Use & Safety

When to use

April May June July August September

Where to use

What to control

Common groundsel

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredient   indaziflam 0.0224%
// Group   29 herbicide
// Formulation   soluble concentrate
// Packaging   20 kg bag

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