2021 Stressgard® Spring Savings Program

Save up to 10% on Bayer’s Stressgard® fungicide products. Click here to learn more.

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Get beautiful turf and save with Bayer’s Stressgard® fungicide products. Mirage Stressgard® provides broad-spectrum control of dollar spot, anthracnose, summer patch, fairy ring and snow moulds on fairways, tees and greens. Exteris Stressgard® delivers long-lasting preventative and curative control of foliar turf diseases like dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch, and leaf spot. Dedicate Stressgard® is a powerful fungicide that targets root and foliar diseases in the summer and snow mould in the winter.

And for a limited time, all three products are available for up to 10% less with the Stressgard® Spring Savings Program rebate.

ELIGIBLE PRODUCT: Bayer’s Exteris Stressgard® (2x10L), Mirage Stressgard® (2x5L), Dedicate Stressgard® (2x5L).

PROMOTIONAL PERIOD: April 15 – June 4, 2021
To learn more about features and application rates, visit our Stressgard product pages.

Exteris™ Stressgard® product page.

Mirage™ Stressgard® product page.

Dedicate™ Stressgard® product page.

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For specific answers on how to use Exteris Stressgard®, Mirage Stressgard® or Dedicate Stressgard® in your turf management program, please contact us.

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