When you can count on your turf to be at its best, others can count on you to be at yours.

Your golfers want a greener, more consistent course. You want a little more time in your day. Stressgard goes beyond disease control to deliver both – allowing you to maximize your potential on and off the golf course.

See the science behind the extraordinary

Stressgard is proven technology that:

//     Mitigates the full scope of biotic and abiotic stresses across your course 
//     Offers immediate aesthetic benefits and long-lasting improvement to turf quality, color, density and overall health 
//     Delivers a better, more consistent playing surface – even in unpredictable conditions 

// Satisfaction – for you and your golfers, in terms of playability

Stressgard offers more than disease control, for benefits such as: 

//     Drought tolerance and recovery 
//     Traffic tolerance and recovery 
//     Reducing shade issues 
//     Reducing impact of ultraviolet radiation 
//     Spring green-up and winter recovery 
//     Enhancing photosynthesis in heat-stressed plants 
//     Improving application safety 

// Consistent, predictable performance – for stronger plants

Stressgard improves chlorophyll stability and maintains photosynthetic function which results in: 

//     Plant cell strength 
//     Improved root function 
//     Decreased or slowed root loss 
//     Improved water utilization 
//     Sustained chlorophyll content and chloroplast function – leading to a greener plant over a longer period of time 

// Versatility – for increased control and application flexibility

Stressgard is formulated with a range of different fungicides, which means: 

//     It is not dependent on a single active ingredient to deliver results 
//     There is no danger of resistance development (as long as AIs are rotated properly) 
//     No matter what disease or stress you’re dealing with, you can have Stressgard on your course all season long 


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