Stressgard - Extraordinary is your new ordinary.

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Golf Course

Give your customers quality playing surfaces by incorporating Bayer’s trusted plant protection products into your turf management program. Bayer can help prevent and control damage from diseases and unwanted insects, and provide expert advice to make your job easier, your turf healthier and your golfers happier.

Talking Turf
Turf Management Platform
Every Hero Needs a Sidekick
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Golf Course Managment
2021 Dedicate Stressgard Fall Rebate Program
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Stressgard Formulation Technology

Mirage label Fungicide

Mirage Stressgard

Suspension Concentrate

Broad-spectrum control of important diseases like dollar...

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Signature XTRA Stressgard

Water dispersible granule

Application on greens for preventative control of Pythium...

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